Wallet Involved in FTX Hack Incident Becomes Ethereum (ETH) Rich!

FTX A crypto wallet linked to suspected draining of accounts this morning 4,500 Ethereum (ETH) and 3 million Binance USD (BUSD) in return for the total 34,000 BNB exchanged it. currently the biggest 34. Ethereum in the owner position.

FTX Hacker Sells More BNB, Becomes 34th Largest Ethereum Owner

Same wallet yesterday, massive amounts of decentralized stablecoins in millions of dollars transaction DAIHe traded it for Ethereum. Wallet right now 87.5%At least $322 million of which is Ethereum cryptocurrency it has.

The wallet owner in question also carries money between their wallets. It has combined $5.1 million worth of ETH and $3.3 million worth of ETH from the other two wallets into its main wallets, where the majority of it holds Etherum.

The source of these funds came from the bankrupt crypto exchange FTX. The transfers, which some consider to be a hack or an inside job, were specifically mentioned in recent court filings for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection.

Recently PeckShieldAlert, FTX Account Drainer It was revealed that the wallet address of the FTX hacker, called the FTX hacker, received a large amount of ETH from the other three addresses involved in the hacking event.

After the collapse of FTX, an attacker FTX and FTX.USHe had emptied some of his wallets.

The exchange’s Telegram manager confirmed the development, asking users not to access FTX websites to avoid downloading malware on their devices.

After all these events, Binance CEO CZ announced that he made a change in crypto money policy.

We had a policy of not commenting on competitors. He said that I will change this policy a bit and it will further articulate the issues I see in the industry for the benefit of the crypto industry.

*Not investment advice.

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