VW T-Roc, Hyundai Kona, Opel Mokka – these are the most popular compact SUVs

Cologne The car scene in Germany is a two-class society. Here the SUV, there the rest. That’s actually how exaggerated it can now be broken down. Last year, the SUV segment already achieved a market share of 29.3 percent of the total market with 778,139 registrations. An increase of 16.6 percent. If you add the larger SUVs and crossovers, which the KBA classifies as off-road vehicles, we come up with well over a million registrations and a share of over 40 percent. Not bad for a class of car that didn’t even exist 30 years ago.

The Funcruiser RAV4, which Toyota brought onto the market in 1994, is considered a pioneer of car-like raised seats. The baby boomers among SUVs are the compact crossovers that have long outstripped the Golf class. Their formula for success is simple: they are not too big, not too expensive, variable, have enough space and, above all, a higher seating position. They have long been considered the cooler alternative to the classic compacts.

5th place – Hyundai Kona

The Hyundai Kona is also an old acquaintance in the small SUV class. Already presented in 2017, then carefully facelifted in 2021. Like the T-Cross, it is slowly losing its feathers. 25,975 units mean a minus of 13.4 percent. In 2022, 51.8 percent chose the Kona Electric, which Hyundai offers in two power levels (100 and 150 kW) and with two battery sizes (39.2 and 64 kWh) from 36,400 euros. There are also five petrol variants, also with mild hybrid and 48-volt technology from 88 kW/120 hp and 20,750 euros.

The full range with five equipment lines up to the sporty N-Line Performance with 206 kW/280 hp certainly stands for the success of the Korean. He offers a lot for many. In addition, a five-year guarantee, a lavish equipment with many assistance systems and easy operation. Space in the rear and trunk are not among the highlights of the Kona.

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The Kona is considered an uncomplicated and mature companion. The second generation is expected to hit dealerships this year. Grown to 4.36 meters, with proven technology, but optically much more exciting and dynamic.

VW T Cross

Technically, the small SUV is based on the VW Polo.

(Photo: VW)

4th place – VW T-Cross

The VW T-Cross (from 70 kW/95 hp and 21,345 euros) relies on three petrol engines, two three-cylinder and one four-cylinder and still refuses any electrical support. Which undoubtedly also explains the minus of 13.6 percent compared to the previous year. In this class in particular, more and more customers are looking at sustainable and therefore future-proof drives. After all, decided in 2022 29,516 Driver for the VW.

With a length of 4.11 meters, the T-Cross is a little smaller than the Mokka and thus gives an indication of its technical origins. Because it’s actually a raised, somewhat more adventurous clad polo. This format seems appealing to many for the city and is completely sufficient. But it’s not that cramped inside, and the rear seat can also be moved by 14 centimeters.

If you opt for a T-Cross, you have to make do with fairly simple plastics in the interior, which VW partially covers with colorful decorations. Overall, however, the visible austerity course accompanies the T-Cross in many nooks and crannies.

On the other hand, the Polo SUV is also a typical VW. With direct steering and easy manners in everyday life.

Opel Mocha

The eye-catching look of the model is popular.

3rd place – Opel Mokka

with 30,286 units the Opel Mokka (from 74 kW/100 hp and 23,190 euros) has successfully completed its second full year of sales. After all, 44.1 percent ticked the Mokka-e with a 100 kW/136 hp electric drive. The range of the 50 kW/h battery of up to 324 kilometers and the fair price (from 37,650 euros) certainly helped with the decision. But the new face of the brand with the “Vizor” front design, the problem-free handling with direct steering and the infotainment, which is finally up-to-date, also scored plus points in the fan camp.

In terms of size, the Mokka has undergone a downgrade. At 4.15 meters, it is almost 13 centimeters shorter than its predecessor and also flatter. Of course, what looks more dynamic means less space for occupants and luggage. There are a total of three three-cylinder petrol engines in the price list and one four-cylinder diesel. Our number four in the ranking completely dispenses with the diesel.

Cupra Formentor

The sporty Spaniard is particularly popular on lease.

2nd place – Cupra Formentor

The title “Climber of the Year” goes to the Cupra Formentor (from 110 kW/150 hp and 35,530 euros). The crossover moves up to second place in the segment. The stylish Seat subsidiary sold 32,638 pieces, an increase of 85.4 percent. With a strikingly sporty look and tried-and-tested technology from the VW shelf, the Formentor has pushed its way onto the streets, some sources already list it as the most leased vehicle in the country – which is certainly also due to the well-subsidized rates. A marketing move that has undoubtedly accelerated the success of the Formentor. 65.4 percent of all customers chose one of the two plug-in hybrids. The new star in the stable is the VZ5 with 287 kW/390 hp five-cylinder from Audi.

VW T Roc

The compact SUV not only dominates its class, but can now compete with the Golf in Germany when it comes to registrations.

(Photo: VW)

1st place – VW T-Roc

The segment of up to 4.50 meters is easily led by a Wolfsburg rider. with 59,942 units sold the VW T-Roc (from 24,345 euros) is the undisputed king of small SUVs. Below the Tiguan, he plays the role of the people’s SUV. The 4.23 meter long T-Roc stands on the Golf platform and uses its technology. So assistance systems, chassis, engines. The rather modest increase of only 2.6 percent compared to 2021 is probably due to the fact that the T-Roc is no longer brand new (already arrived in 2017) and avoids electrified drives.

There is a choice of four petrol engines (from 81 kW/110 hp) and two diesel engines (from 85 kW/116 hp). With the 2022 facelift, the class leader got a slightly more modern look and finally better materials in the interior. On the plus side are the tuning that is suitable for everyone, the comfort and the decent driving performance. The moderate amount of space in the back and the confident prices could put you off. If you want, you can order the bestseller with all-wheel drive, as a 221 kW/300 hp sports rocket and even as a convertible.

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