VW Appoints Successful Designer to Head of EV Division

German automotive giant Volkswagen appointed Andreas Mindt, who has been producing successful designs within the company for 25 years, to head the EV department.

Volkswagen, one of the biggest names in the automotive industry, has Passat production is over He broke the hearts of certain segments of our country by announcing the electric car that will replace the Passat later on. What ID.7 will look like had shown us.

However, many vehicles produced under the roof of the brand in recent years do not like Volkswagen lovers in terms of design. On the contrary, it seemed repulsive.. The brand has taken a big step to solve the problem in electric cars.

Volkswagen’s successful designer is back

Designing the most admired exterior models of the German automotive giant Andreas Mindtannounced that he had appointed . The fate of Jozef Kaban, who is currently head of the department and has a bad history with the company, is unknown. Until the design of Kaban, who designed the ID.2 vehicle, which was widely discussed with the design of Volkswagen, finalized it. It had to be renewed many times. and other models were known to prepare designs contrary to the wishes of the brand.

On the other hand, Mindt has worked in many positions under Volkswagen for 25 years and Passat MK7played a role in the design of vehicles that are very popular in our country with projects such as Golf MK6 and Mk7. However, at the beginning of 2021, he moved to the EV department of Bentley, a sub-brand of Volkswagen, and a sub-brand of Audi. He worked there for 1 year..


Introduced in Camouflage: How the Volkswagen ID.7 to Replace Passat Will Look Revealed

With this step, Volkswagen wants to bring its electric vehicles to users in a much more aesthetic and pleasing way by using the design capabilities of Mindt. Who knows, maybe this time we will encounter really successful designs.

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