Vulnerability Detected in Intel Products

Intel has detected a hardware vulnerability. The company stated that the update, which it released urgently, should be installed immediately so that user information is not stolen.

A program that closely concerns users with Intel branded products. security flaw detected. The technology giant, in a recent announcement; detects an important security vulnerability and the user able to steal information stressed the potential.

According to Intel, the vulnerability is not found in just one product. The open mobile devices, storage products, data center servers, workstations and other Intel products. The vulnerability, which is marked as high risk, also puts user security at risk.

Update now

Processor manufacturer Intel released an urgent update after detecting the error first reported by The Register. The vulnerability, marked as ‘high severity’, can be eliminated with the latest update. Therefore, you should make the latest updates as soon as possible in order not to be affected by the problem. So which products did this vulnerability affect?

According to Intel’s statements 10th Gen Intel Core and Ontel X series processorscan be affected by the detected vulnerability. By clicking here, you can take a look at all the products on Intel’s page. Also, that’s the only mistake. is not limited.


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Intel also emphasized that there are different vulnerabilities that can affect some processors. ‘Low ImportanceThe potential vulnerability, called ‘, can cause information to be disclosed. Against all these risks, Intel says everyone should do the latest updates.

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