Volkswagen May Launch a 2000 km Range Hydrogen Vehicle!

Volkswagen and a company called Kraftwer Tubes have applied for a patent for a new hydrogen fueled vehicle. It is stated that the car can offer a range of close to 2000 kilometers.

It is predicted that hydrogen powered vehicles as well as electric motors will dominate the automotive industry in the future. Now based in Germany Volkswagen’s A patent application he made reveals that the auto giant may soon come up with a brand new hydrogen vehicle.

First reported by Autocar, the German automaker has made this application for a hydrogen vehicle, such as the ID.4, that can be sold alongside its existing electric vehicles. In addition, without refueling the vehicle, long distances reported that it can.

The vehicle can have a range of up to 2000 kilometers!

Volkswagen tested the potential of hydrogen fuel in 2014

Kraftwer Tubes and Volkswagen The patent, filed in partnership, points to cheaper hydrogen proximal cells and ceramic cells required for mass production of hydrogen vehicles, rather than the polymer cells favored by Hyundai and Toyota. It is also stated that this does not work without platinum, which hinders cell production due to its high cost.

In addition, we can say that the most striking part of the vehicle is the range. Hydrogen powered car Offering a range of 1998 kilometers has potential. This shows that the vehicle can travel the distance between Istanbul and Van with a single tank, and on top of that, more fuel can remain in the tank.

It should be added that this development contradicts Volkswagen’s views on hydrogen. The CEO of the company, Herbert Diess, said in previous years that hydrogen vehicles were not the solution to the climate problems in the world, and that electric vehicles had prevailed.

We can see the technology in 10,000 vehicles from different brands in 2026

Sascha Kuhn, the founder of Kraftwer Tubes, who appeared in the patent, also stated that the biggest advantage of the solution we saw in the patent is polymer fuel cells. much cheaper stated that it can be produced. Kuhn also added that although Kraftwer Tubes applied in partnership with Volkswagen, they would not only work with the German auto giant.

In their statements, the businessman stated that they aim to launch their technology with many vehicles in 2026, regardless of the manufacturer. 10,000 owned by different automobile companies He stated that we can see it in the vehicle. Kuhn added that one of those manufacturers could be Nissan’s premium car brand, Infiniti.


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We will see what future such vehicles will have in the coming years. It should not go without saying that releasing such a high-range car could revolutionize the industry.

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