Voice status sharing feature coming from WhatsApp

WhatsApp introduced the status sharing feature to all its users a long time ago. Users can share text, photos and links on status. With an innovation that WhatsApp is testing now, it will also add audio status updates to them. So, what will this innovation do and what are the details? Let’s take a look at the news together.

Platform is working on audio status updates!

WhatsApp has started testing the status voice memo sharing feature for iOS. Thanks to the new feature, iOS users will be able to share their messages on status after recording a voice memo for up to 30 seconds. Currently, text, photos and links are shared over the status. Additionally, the platform has started testing preview sharing for links. Until now, links were only shared in the form of addresses.

WhatsApp audio status updates

WhatsApp first announced the audio status updates for Android in September. For Android users, a 30-second audio recording will be uploaded to the status in the same way. As in the image above, there will be a microphone in the lower right corner of the status update. Thanks to this microphone, WhatsApp users will be able to record and share their voices. It is unclear when the innovation will come to the stable WhatsApp version, but it is expected to arrive soon.

WhatsApp adds a new tab for desktop

WhatsApp adds a new tab for desktop

WhatsApp is testing the Calls tab for the desktop version! In this way, users will see the search history from the desktop.

It turned out that WhatsApp has reached 2 billion active users worldwide, with the latest figures announced. The most popular instant communication application constantly offers its new features to its users. The platform also recently introduced the poll feature for groups. The survey feature for WhatsApp groups will enable users to agree with each other in a short time.

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