Vodafone Explains Why They Couldn’t Provide Service for Days

Vodafone Turkey CEO Engin Aksoy explained why mobile operators could not provide service during the earthquake. According to Aksoy’s statement, this situation will continue in the future if serious studies are not carried out.

February 6, 2023, maybe for Turkey the biggest exams It was day. Because there were two devastating earthquakes in Kahramanmaraş, there was no stone left in the region and communication with the region was completely cut off. As such, the first sector to which citizens react is, telecommunication it happened. As we have experienced many times in the past, mobile operators could not provide service after the Kahramanmaraş earthquakes.

Today, there has been a new development on the subject. Engin Aksoy, CEO of Vodafone Turkeyparticipated in the broadcast of Bloomberg HT and made statements about what happened.

Vodafone Turkey CEO explained why mobile operators could not provide healthy service for days

According to Engin Aksoy’s statements, tower-shaped base stations can transmit data up to 35 kilometers in open areas. However, stating that this situation has changed in the city centers, the CEO said that the base stations placed on the roofs of the buildings in the earthquake zone together with the buildings. that you were destroyedHe stated that when this is the case, communication is completely cut off.

“Mobile base stations delayed”

Engin Aksoy, as of the moment of the earthquake, more than 240 He said that a mobile base station was sent and these mobile base stations were opened for common use. However, mentioning that there is a problem at this point, the CEO said that the mobile base stations sent had difficulties in reaching the earthquake zones due to the density, and therefore, it became more difficult. from the first moment He said there was a delay.

Mobile base stations have reached the earthquake zone. This time, there was an electrical problem.

mobile base station

According to Vodafone Turkey CEO, disruptions for mobile operator companies can never be found. it’s not over. The mobile base stations, which reached the region quite late, faced electricity problems this time. Mentioning that service could not be provided because there was no energy, Aksoy said that they turned to generators, but this time seriously in the region. fuel shortage He said they couldn’t work because it happened.


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Meanwhile; Engin Aksoy, in an emergency,Disaster ProtocolAccording to Vodafone Turkey CEO, mobile operators are responsible for electricity, fuel, transit and risky building notification issues within the scope of the implemented protocol. they have no priority. This causes problems in service delivery.

“If there is an earthquake in any place where the population is dense, communication will collapse again”

Vodafone Turkey CEO

Another point mentioned by Vodafone Turkey CEO Engin Aksoy is was the current situation. Saying that citizens and local governments often do not want tower-type base stations to be installed, Aksoy said that they have to install base stations on the building, unless this situation changes, not only Vodafone but also no mobile operator. can’t do more says.


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According to Engin Aksoy, if common infrastructure works are not carried out, and strong tower-type base stations will be more if not widespread There will be communication problems in all earthquakes that will occur in places where the population is dense.

You can watch excerpts from Engin Aksoy’s interview with Bloomberg HT via the videos below:

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