Vitalik Buterin’s Solution Proposal for Ethereum Privacy: The Hardest Obstacle!

Vitalik Buterin, one of the Ethereum co-founders, brought up “secret wallet addresses” again to increase the privacy of the Ethereum network (ERC).

Vitalic Buterine January 20 In a post he published on his official blog on the toughest challenge which he described as one of his readings to privacy about secret wallet addresses re-discussed the issue. By the nature of Ethereum a transparent platform Buterin stated that users from time to time to privacy you need and every day that need increased implied. In the post shared by the founder, the secret wallet addresses how you can work While making statements about this method, from the disadvantage also mentioned.

In Vitalik Buterin’s article, secret address systems, assets anonymous in a way hidden from secret addresses and they will use them to spend them again anonymously. from encrypted spending keys stated to have occurred. After each operation, a new secret address Thanks to this system, which enables the creation of it will get harder Mentioning that, Buterin said that the follow-up make it difficult in addition to zero knowledge proof (ZK-SNARK) system too can be used stated.

The founder agrees that this method will be used for privacy in the future. successful a solution for the time being, while conveying that high cost because of the problem advantageous in a position not expressed. It will be held at secret wallet addresses. of a single transaction compared to a transaction performed on standard wallets floor floor more to transaction fee Buterin underlined that this situation will cause can be resolved in the future. implied.

This method is also a cryptocurrency mixer. Tornado Cash Emphasizing that there is a method of secrecy such as a privacy method, Buterin said that, unlike Tornado Cash, secret wallet addresses NFTs and outside the mainstream ERC-20 on being able to hide their tokens too successful He said you could.

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