Vitalik Buterin Talks About Ethereum’s Future Updates

Buterin said in a statement. Ethereum the next step for Surge talked about. He also shared the altcoins he expects to migrate to the PoS system after Ethereum.

Ethereum’s next giant update, Vitalik gave in an interview during the event “Surge” gave preliminary information about

“The Surge update will be the next milestone in Ethereum’s roadmap. Unlike the Merge update, the Surge update will happen piecemeal, not as a single event.”

If Buterin is about ETH developers “decentralization and resistance to censorship” He reiterated that they have done important work in the field.

Ethereum’s inventor asked the panel manager, “Should all blockchain networks switch to Proof-of-Stake?” He answered the question as follows:

“As Proof-of-Stake matures, I expect many networks to migrate to this operating system.”

Buterin, in the future Zcash (ZEC) and Dogecoin (DOGE) He added that he hopes it will migrate to the PoS network.

Finally, comparing the concepts of scalability and privacy, Buterin stated that scalability is much more important for blockchain networks before privacy.

What is PoS? What Does It Do?

Today blockchain networks work in two ways. One is a proof-of-work (PoW) and the other is a proof-of-stake (PoS) system.

PoW In the system, validators use devices with electronic processing power to confirm transactions on the network and earn rewards.

PoS On the other hand, validators do not use hardware with any processing power. By locking some crypto money in the blockchain network, he becomes a stakeholder. The validator earns rewards for transactions made on the network.

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