Vitalik Buterin Donated for That Controversial Altcoin: Price Jumped!

Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin showed his support for Tornado Cash developers by donating. Buterin donated 30 ETH, or approximately $113,000, to support the legal defense of Alexey Pertsev and Roman Storm. Following this development, the price of Tornado Cash’s native token, TORN, made a vertical rise.

Vitalik Buterin donated to Tornado Cash developers!

Etherscan data shows that Buterin donated to the “Free Pertsev and Storm” defense fund on decentralized fundraising platform Juicebox in the early hours of May 30. The fund has collected 591 ETH worth $2.2 million as of press time. Buterin’s donation isn’t actually that surprising. Because the Ethereum inventor is a leading proponent of crypto privacy tools. Moreover, Vitalik Buterin remains a consistent user of such platforms.

Following this development, TORN price jumped by $3.17 from its intraday level of $2.73. Although the token later lost ground, it performed better than the calm market. At the time of writing, TORN was trading at $2.97, up 7.6% on a daily basis.

TORN daily price chart. Source: CoinMarketCap

Legal troubles of Tornado Cash developers

cryptokoin.comAs you’ve been following from, last year Tornado Cash privacy protocol developers Pertsev and Storm faced legal trouble over their relationship with the crypto mixer. Earlier this month, a Dutch court sentenced Pertsev to 64 months in prison for laundering approximately $1.2 billion through the Tornado Cash crypto mixer between July 2019 and August 2022. However, the developer appealed the decision in the s-Hertogenbosch Court of Appeal in the Netherlands. Similarly, Storm has been detained in the US since 2023. Additionally, his trial is scheduled for September.

Meanwhile, Vitalik Buterin’s donation has symbolic importance for Tornado Cash and its developers. Because, this move reflects the project’s growing support within the crypto community. Last month, three blockchain advocacy groups filed amicus curiae briefs in defense of Storm. They also supported efforts to dismiss the charges.

Vitalik Buterin

Support from the crypto world continues!

Additionally, U.S. lawmakers, Senators Cynthia Lummis and Ron Wyden, also opposed the Department of Justice’s (DOJ) attempt to expand the definition of money transfer business to include non-custodial crypto asset software services such as Tornado Cash. They argued that such broad definitions would hinder innovation. They also stated that it would undermine confidence in the DOJ’s respect for the rule of law.

Additionally, several crypto projects are preparing offers to support developers. Discussions about potential donations continue on the Optimism, Aave, MakerDAO, YearnFi, Alchemix, and Uniswap forums.

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