Viritech Apricale Introduced Car With 1000 HP Power

UK-based company Viritech introduced its new hydrogen-fueled hypercar Apricale. It is stated that the vehicle, which is reported to be zero-emission, will have 1000 horsepower and a weight of less than 1000 kilograms.

While the impact of climate change continues unabated, it plays a major role in carbon emissions. in the automotive industry Many companies continue to make moves for vehicles for a more sustainable future.

Now a UK-based company, one of the leading companies in hydrogen powertrains. Viritech introduced Apricale, its brand new vehicle of the ‘hypercar’ type, which will make car lovers drool. The features of the vehicle, powered by hydrogen and designed by the famous automobile designer Pininfarina, attracted great attention.

Viritech Apricale

In the statements, the car with the double electric motor named ‘Apricale’, 1,000 horsepower will have and from 0 to 100 km less than 2.5 seconds It was stated that it could come out in time. In addition, Apricale, which draws attention with its headlights and sides such as its body, from 1,000 kilograms it will have a lower weight; It is stated that this will make the car one of the lightest among similar vehicle types. It was among the statements that this could be done thanks to Viritech’s Graph-Pro technology, which helps to reduce weight.

Matt Faulks, the company’s co-founder and former F1 engineer, said:Hydrogen fuel cells have so far been used as range extenders for powertrains. So we fundamentally reversed this approach and developed a powertrain around hundreds of kW of fuel cells powered by a lightweight but highly efficient battery. This not only provides hypercar performance for the Apricale, but also makes it far more powerful than its competitors. light made.

While Viritech promises that the vehicle will be the world’s first zero-emission hypercar, he states that Apricale will have a range of approximately 560 kilometers. In addition, production will be in 2023 and deliveries will be in 2024 It is among the news that will begin.

Finally, only the car, which is stated to be able to exceed 322 km / h 25 of them will be produced and the price will be without taxes. $1.8 million Let’s not go without adding that it will happen.


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