ViewSonic has launched the “Premium Warranty” era on select monitor series!

Technology is an indispensable part of every aspect of our lives. From our daily communication needs to our financial transactions, we use technology for all of our work. But what if something happens to our technological products, which we control our entire lives, then what do we do? The first thing most of us will do will be to take advantage of the warranty service offered by the authorized dealer, if available. However, even then, waiting times and service quality varying from brand to brand can complicate the situation for users. Thankfully, ViewSonic will completely change the warranty for select monitor series. Here are the details…

“Premium Warranty” good news from ViewSonic to its high standard monitor series

ViewSonic has announced that it will begin offering “Premium Warranty Service” to its customers from January 1, 2023 for its high-standard monitor series. Within the scope of this service, part replacement and one-to-one product replacement will be performed for the VP, VG, XG and Omni (Gaming) monitor series during the warranty period. This special service is among the key benefits ViewSonic offers to its customers.

Thanks to ViewSonic’s “Premium Warranty Service”, users will not have to worry about any malfunctions they may experience with their monitors. If a malfunction occurs in their products that comply with the warranty conditions, they will be able to benefit from free product replacement not only for the first 6 months, but throughout the entire warranty period. In this way, ViewSonic provides its customers with a better experience and increases their trust.

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ViewSonic TD1655 portable monitor review!

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In addition, ViewSonic offers the most competitive pixel policy in the industry, meeting users’ visual quality expectations. ViewSonic, which draws attention with its claim of zero pixel defects especially for the VP monitor series, announced that dead pixels of more than 3 to 5 pixels will be considered defective in its other products, depending on resolution and dead pixel type. In this way, it also protects its users against pixel problems experienced in high-standard monitors.

Thanks to ViewSonic’s “Premium Warranty Service”, monitor purchasers can choose this brand with confidence, while enjoying not only monitors produced to a high standard, but also having a better customer experience in the face of potential malfunctions. This service demonstrates the value ViewSonic offers to its users and the emphasis it places on customer satisfaction.

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