Video Games Can Determine Career Prospect!

It turns out that there is a link between video games and career prospects. The research, which was conducted with more than 16 thousand participants, revealed that there are also differences in the games that are liked according to the professions.

For some, it is accepted as an inseparable part of life, for others it is nothing but a waste of time. about video games a study was done. The research conducted by a group of scientists working at the University of Surrey and a company called Game Academy revealed that video games have a remarkable effect. The type of game the players are playing, what kind of career expectation It was a clear indication of what they were in.

What kind of a connection is between video games and career expectation has been known and heeded was nothing. However, new research has revealed that this is an important issue. Come all together With 16 thousand 33 participants Let’s take a closer look at the results of this research.

The research was conducted on the 800 most played games on Steam.

Scientists used Steam, the world’s most popular online gaming platform, for research. Most played 800 games Based on this, the experts reached the following striking results:

  • IT professionals and IT engineers, mostly to puzzle and platform games they headed.
  • If managers choose in the RPG genre There were games.
  • If other engineers strategy type they preferred.
  • Women single player games They preferred more.
  • If men’s favorite shooter games it happened.

“Very important for the employer!”

video game research

As the lead author of the study, Dr. Anna-Stiina Wallinheimo, of the research very important to the employer said that. Mentioning that video games provide people with social skills, Wallinheimo said that although it is not considered important in the recruitment processes, thanks to video games. social skills gained He stated that candidates with

“Universities should turn to games in career development”


Co-author of the study, Dr. Anesa Hosein also made statements on the subject. Like a university for Hosein educational institutionsStudents should resort to video games while providing career development training to students. However, Anesa Hosein has no idea how this could happen. did not make a statement.

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