Very Useful Video Editing Programs

We’ve compiled and updated the best free and paid video editing programs for you. The list includes many applications and programs, including Adobe Premiere.

Today, with the widespread use of smartphones, users are now shooting more videos than before. Not only the developing technology, but also the spread of social media. video editing made his business a hobby or a source of income for many users.

Of course, in line with this change, video editing programs showed up. Users were once only Hollywood They had the chance to make the special effects that they could see in their films with their own means, with the help of the courses available on the internet.

But video editing programs When used under license, it is possible to encounter high prices, especially with the effect of the dollar exchange rate. If you are a newbie to video editing, you can use the trial versions of the paid programs we have selected for you, or free You can give the programs a chance. The most up-to-date and best video editing programs You can find it in this article.

Best video editing programs:

  • Paid video editing programs:
    • Adobe Premiere Pro CC
    • EaseUS Video Editor
    • FlexClip Video Editor
    • PowerDirector Ultra
    • Corel VideoStudio Ultimate
    • Vegas Pro 17
    • Final Cut Pro
  • Free video editing programs:
    • clipify
    • blender
    • openshot
    • VSDC Free Video Editor
    • HitFilm Express
    • DaVinci Resolve

Paid video editing programs:

One of the most useful programs: Adobe Premiere Pro CC:

  • Current fee: 132.16 TL/month
  • Turkish language support: No
  • Developer: Adobe

Especially if you are a Windows user, Adobe Premiere Pro is the one you can find in the industry for now. best video editing one of his programs. The reason behind its popularity is its user-friendly interface and support for many video formats. More to professionals With this program that appeals to users, users can find all the tools they may need while editing videos. After you have mastered the program completely, what you can do is limited only by your imagination.

Featured with video editing options: EaseUS Video Editor:

EaseUS Video Editor

  • Current Fee: $17.97 / Monthly
  • Turkish Language Support: No
  • Developer: EaseUS

Developed by EaseUS, which has been in the software industry since 2004, EaseUS Video Editor can easily meet everything you need. It stands out with its convenient usability and detailed video editing features. The affordable price of the application also seems to be an important reason for preference.

With cloud storage feature: FlexClip Video Editor:


  • Current fee: 112 TL/month
  • Turkish language support: No
  • Developer: PearlMountain Limited

If you are looking for a video editor that is easy to use but can meet all your needs FlexClipis exactly the kind of tool you are looking for. Thanks to its cloud storage feature, FlexClip allows you to access your projects from anywhere you want, on the other hand, there is no need to download any software.

In addition to over 4 million elements you can use in videos More than 3500 video templates You can easily edit any type of video. Also in FlexClip, free GIF creator, background removal, screen recording, video conversion, etc. services are also available. In addition, with its automatic subtitle creation feature, it can create subtitles for audio files with 95 percent accuracy.

You can do professional work: PowerDirector Ultra:

power director video editing program

  • Current price: 565 TL for one time
  • Turkish language support: No
  • Developer: Cyberlink

PowerDirector to your projects Hollywood A place where you can do highly professional work without allocating a budget. video editing program appears as. This program, which is offered for sale at a lower price than expected, may be a bit complicated for you if you are new to video editing. But online classes will help you with this.

With its user-friendly interface: Corel VideoStudio Ultimate:

corel video editing program

  • Current price: 800 TL for one time
  • Turkish language support: No
  • Developer: Corel

With its user-friendly interface, Corel VideoStudio provides users with extremely fast video editing It gives them access to the world. 4k and 360 degree VR The program with support may seem a little too simple for users who do this job professionally.

You can use even if you do not have a powerful computer: Vegas Pro 17:

vegas video editing

  • Current price: 3430 TL for one time
  • Turkish language support: No
  • Developer: MAGIX Software GmbH

The application, which we previously knew as Sony Vegas Pro, is now on sale as Vegas Pro. Perhaps the most important feature of Vegas Pro is its extremely successful optimization You can benefit from the program even if you have a very powerful computer.

Developed by Apple: Final Cut Pro:

final cut video editing program

  • Current price: 6999 TL for one time
  • Turkish language support: No
  • Developer: Apple

for Final Cut Pro apple I think it would not be wrong to say that their computers are performance monsters. This program, developed by Apple, is particularly well-optimized and therefore offers users the opportunity to work at low specifications. But there is no Windows version of the program.

Free video editing programs:

Among the free programs we recommend Clipify:


  • Current price: Free
  • Turkish language support: No
  • Developer: AMS Software

Clipify is a video editing app suitable for beginners and ‘savvy’ alike. Despite its handy and easy interface, the application offers advanced editing tools, making it possible for even beginners to create videos that look like they were made by a professional. clipify You can create video collages, add music or music to your videos. audio commentary You can add quality content with filters and effects. Moreover, it is possible to remove the shaking and shaking in your video. You can click here to reach Clipify.

Full of 3D animations: Blender:


  • Current price: Free
  • Turkish language support: No
  • Developer: Blender Foundation

blender open source and completely free It is a video editing program. Originally developed for 3D animations but also extremely adequate video editing It is a program that comes with tools. Thanks to the editor video cutting program Blender, which you can also use as a tool, can also handle more complex works such as masking if you wish.

Drag and drop videos: Openshot:


  • Current price: Free
  • Turkish language support: No
  • Developer: ‎OpenShot Studios

OpenShot is extremely comprehensive and completely free It is a video editing program. This video editor, which allows you to drag and drop files from the desktop into the program, also allows you to add infinite layers and audio tracks.

Packed with useful features: VSDC Free Video Editor:


  • Current price: Free
  • Turkish language support: No
  • Developer: Flash-Integre LLC

VSDC fully equipped It is a video editing program. Many of the features it has video editing Although it may seem a bit confusing for inexperienced users at first, it is a program that can be used very quickly with its user-friendly interface.

More than 180 special effects: HitFilm Express:

hitfilm express

  • Current price: Free
  • Turkish language support: No
  • Developer: FXhome

A free and more professional video editing tool If you’re looking for a hit, HitFilm Express can put an end to your search. This program, which has all the features of a simple video editing program, also has more than 180 special effects contains. By following the lessons prepared for HitFilm Express, you can also try the effects in Hollywood movies such as Star Wars or Iron Man.

Specializing in color adjustment: DaVinci Resolve:

davinci resolve

  • Current price: Free
  • Turkish language support: No

Color setting DaVinci Resolve is one of the first programs that come to mind. The program, which has many professional tools, also has an extremely easy user interface. If only video cutting program Da Vinci Resovle may be too detailed a program for you.

You can choose the most suitable one from these programs that we have compiled for you. your videos You can edit or improve yourself in this regard.

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