Vauld from Lending Platforms Has $10 Million Left in FTX

Vauld, one of the Asian-based cryptocurrency lending platforms, has $ 10 million left on the cryptocurrency exchange FTX.

According to media reports, Vauld was using FTX to transact on behalf of its clients. The total value of the company’s remaining assets in FTX is thought to be around $10 million.

Vauld had some problems before the FTX crisis. The company stopped withdrawals on the platform in July, owed $400 million it was learned.

Authorities in India are also one of Vauld’s clients. after finding out that he was money laundering on the platform assets worth $46 million had blocked.

Vauld has until January 20 to resolve his situation. The company may request an extension of this period if the necessary conditions are met.

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