Valorant Turkey Selects The Best ‘Fade’ Players

Varolant Turkey has launched a competition where players will ‘snap’ their best plays with Fade. The awards to be given to the winners of the competition were also announced.

Launched in June 2020 and gaining immense popularity all over the world as it came out. Valorantcontinues to be played with love, especially in our country. While the interest of Turkish players continues to a large extent, Valorant organizes some events in Turkey from time to time, where it distributes prizes to players.

Here is another one of Valorant Turkey’s award-winning events announced today. In the announcement shared by Valorant Turkey, the actors revealed that they played with the Turkish character Fade. to share the record of the best game invited. The winner of the competition and the prize to be awarded were also announced.

The winners will be determined by Ferit ‘wtcN’ Karakaya:

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