Utopian dream come true: ‘Flying taxi’ has a date!

‘drone’ With the introduction of the aircraft, which we know as airboats, with a huge body and propellers, into our lives, the way of life began to change. The world is on the verge of a new revolution, especially in the field of transportation. Large companies based abroad, cargo delivery with drone They continue to work to expand it. Amazon even received official approval from the US Federal Aviation Administration last year.

On the other hand, the use of drones daily transportation system Work is underway to integrate Operating for the purpose of providing air taxi service, Joby Aviation announced that they plan to reach its goal by 2024. If the necessary approval from the Federal Aviation Administration is obtained by the targeted date and other studies are completed successfully, the company will launch the flying taxi service.

First in the world! Cargo period with drone in Turkey

Officials announced that they are conducting preliminary studies for cargo drone systems in Turkey, a first in the world.

Mini airports need to be built for flying taxi

These vehicles that will fly in the air will be the big version of the drones we know. Of course, with vehicles that are larger in size such as airplanes, helicopters, and UAVs. as they share the same airspaceThey should be located close to the city centers. For this too ‘Skyports’ so-called mini airports seen as a solution.

Joby Aviation stated that they are seeking permission from the Federal Aviation Administration to commercialize the air taxi service. If everything goes right up to three years to implement the flying taxi He added that he was aiming. A tool the company uses for trials, can carry four passengers and up to 322 km/h it can come out. In addition, it can achieve a range of 241 km.

flying taxi
Joby’s flying taxi (Photo: BBC)

Joby spokesperson Oliver Walker-Jones said in a statement on the subject:

Our aerial car sharing service where he lives, works and wants to go We plan to offer it in nearby locations. We are also in close contact with cities to locate skyports with train stations, airports and other hubs in conjunction with other public transport systems.”

Joby Aviation collaborates with parking company

According to the BBC’s report, the company has repaired some of the parking lot roofs in the USA. convert to skyport rolled up his sleeves for it. It has partnered with Reef Technology, the nation’s largest park company, and real estate company Related Companies. Oliver Walker-Jones, regarding his future goals, “With our partners, skyports with attractive deals We aim to create.” said.

If a similar flying taxi service starts operating in Turkey tomorrow, would you use it? Do not forget to express your thoughts in the comments section.

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