USA: “Buffy” star Nicholas Brendon suffers from genital paralysis – cinema

In the 90s cult series “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” he fought against evil in the role of Xander. Now, physical pain is Nicholas Brendon’s (50) greatest opponent. The US actor has back problems so severe that it affects his genitals.

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As reported by the “Daily Mail”, Brendon has canceled all promotions for his new Amazon Prime film “Wanton Want”. The reason: acute pain! His manager Theresa Fortier told the British newspaper: “He suffers from paralysis of the genitals and genital area.”

A crushed nerve radiates into the genital area in Nicholas BrendonPhoto: Getty Images Entertainment / Getty Images

Nicholas Brendon has the rare cauda equina syndrome. This means – to put it simply – a severe squeezing of the nerves in the spinal cord. Symptoms range from motor difficulties to urinary and stool incontinence. “In the last week and a half, his condition has deteriorated dramatically,” said the manager, citing a stay in prison as the cause.

The 50-year-old’s tale of suffering goes like this: After slipping on bare ice in February, the “Buffy” star had to undergo spinal surgery. According to his manager, Brendon was barely paralyzed when he fell.

Then, last month, police arrested Nicholas Brendon for trying to buy prescription drugs under a false identity. The actor spent one night behind bars. If you believe his manager, he had to sleep on the hard floor of the prison. “Even during the arrest, the police did not take his condition into account,” said Theresa Fortier.

Apparently too much for the sensitive back. In the meantime, Brendon is said to be barely able to walk. In addition, the paralysis radiates into his genitals. The 50-year-old wants to have another operation shortly to get the numbness in the back, in the legs and also in the genital area under control.