US Senators Are Investigating This Company’s Link to FTX

A group of senators in the US is trying to find out if Silvergate Capital Corp knows about the crimes committed by FTX executives.

Senators in the US sent a letter to Silvergate management in December, requesting information about the company’s relationship with FTX and Alameda Research.

Silvergate management responded to this letter, saying that Alameda Research opened an account with Silvergate in 2018, before FTX had been established yet, and that they carefully examined FTX in the future.

Silvergate’s response was given by a group of senators, including Elizabeth Warren, Roger Marshall and John Kennedy. not enough. Senators, who sent a new letter to Silvergate this week, “escape and incomplete” He said there was an answer.

senators, “Both Congress and the public deserve the knowledge necessary to understand what role Silvergate played in FTX’s fraudulent collapse.” said.

According to the senators’ statements, Silvergate’s response was, “Assess how responsible Silvergate is for funds improperly transferred by FTX to Alameda” not enough for

Senators on actions taken by Silvergate’s FTX executives whether you have knowledge To find out, they have now posed new questions to the company and are demanding answers to them.

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