US Senator from Arizona Draft Bill to Make Bitcoin Legal Currency

Senator Wendy Rogers of the US State of Arizona announced that she will submit a bill to the parliament that aims to accept Bitcoin (BTC) as the legal currency in the state of Arizona.

Senator Roger January 25 on his official social media account. in a post, Data from Goldmans Sachs referred to and in total for the crypto money sector 7 bills to present to parliament that you are preparing expressed. senator’s almost all Among the bills that Republican senators reportedly supported, Bitcoin’s a legal means of payment The bill on the adoption of

Senator, Goldman Sachs of bitcoin this year starting with the best performance in the world drew attention to the findings of the existence of Past also in their posts Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies supported by Known as Roger’s Republican senators busy a support seen to have taken.

In Roger’s share, the bills of the cryptocurrencies in various payment methods on the use concentrated drew attention. Also among the proposals is Bitcoin legal a currency a proposal to be users like collected. If the bills are approved, residents of the state of Arizone can use various cryptocurrencies. able to pay taxes Bitcoin can use in their expenses.

Last year similar a law his draft bringing up but unsuccessful the senator’s recent history of cryptocurrencies tax free It is known that he also participated in a draft law aiming to keep

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