US FDA approves boosters for twelve to 15-year-olds – CSU state group postpones exam

The German retail trade calls in the event of a massive Omicron wave Concessions from politics in order to Supply bottlenecks to avoid. “Should the situation with Omikron come to a head, it is essential that politicians take measures to make logistics easier for retailers,” said the general manager of the German Trade Association (HDE), Stefan Genth, on Monday the Reuters news agency.

With massive Shortage of staff In logistics, the strict regulations on night-time noise protection would then have to be lifted, or at least relaxed in favor of the critical area in retail. “In addition, the Sunday work and driving bans, driving and rest times should then be checked and defused,” demanded Genth. The handling of delivery traffic at the borders should be made easier, also through prioritization at the border.

In order to be able to provide for personnel replacements quickly, the legal Conditions for temporary employment in the case of short-term, unbureaucratic assignments, they can be designed much better and, above all, faster and more flexibly. “This means that employees from companies who currently do not have intensive staffing requirements could be used as short-term temporary workers,” said Genth.

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