Updating Google Chrome, iOS app

Google Chrome, 50 percentabove market sharewith the world most used internet browser in position. It appeals to millions of people around the world with versions for Windows, macOS, Android, iOS and Linux. Also, periodically updating and getting new features and improvements that take the user experience to the next level. Finally New functionality to Chrome, iOS app is coming.

Updating Google Chrome, iOS app

As we mentioned above Chromefor different operating systems improved versions available. However, it does not always have the same features. For example, the browser Android A feature available in the version cannot be used on the iOS side.

Googlein a statement a while ago Chrome‘Fame iOS announced that its version will get new features very soon. With the new update, the browser is already Android and desktop You will get the Advanced Safe Browsing feature used in apps.

Must-have browser add-ons for Google Chrome

Must-have browser add-ons for Google Chrome

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Advanced Safe Browsing; It allows users to be better protected against phishing and malware in Google Chrome and Gmail. It will also come to iOS with the next Chrome update.

In addition, useful functions such as deleting the browser history by typing or saying it in the address bar will be offered to users. This was also previously available in Android and desktop apps. Also in the address bar open incognito tab or Chromeu set as default You can also do things like

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Google said they’ve also improved the built-in translation system. Accordingly, the updated language identification system will now translate websites more accurately and quickly.

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