Update News Coming From Altcoin Where Turkish Investors Are Concentrating: There Has Been an Increase in Price!

Extremely popular among Turkish cryptocurrency investors. altcoin the one which… Holo (HOT), Holochain has released its beta version.

Holochain Beta 0.1.0 Released on Holo (HOT) Altcoin

The release was announced on the project’s official cryptocurrency website with the following statements:

“Today we released app-stable beta version Holochain Beta 0.1.0, the next step in our Holochain Beta release series.

This is a big step forward in the Holochain development roadmap and is a work we have painstakingly prepared since our first Release Candidate, which we released in December.”

Chart showing the rise in HOT altcoin price after the update.

The Holo team also talked about the innovations brought by the new update:

“- Stability for developers, apps and users

– Least Authority auditing of Holochain’s Deterministic Integrity

– Fully functional apps

– Development tools coming soon”

Here is the report released today by the audit firm Least Authority team:

“Our team has conducted a thorough design review and audit of the Holochain Deterministic Integrity (HDI) crate, a critical component of the Holochain system. Overall, we found the HDI crate to be highly modular and organized in a logical, compartmentalized way.”

The developers had this to say about the scaffolding tool that came with the update:

“As we prepare you to run stable applications, we make them much easier to build and maintain. One of the new development tools is a revamped scaffolder built on feedback from the developer community.

It’s useful for new and experienced hApp developers alike, and provides a command-line-driven way to quickly generate boilerplate code.”

*Not investment advice.

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