Unbelievable Error from Binance: Customer Funds and Token Guarantees Confused!

Binance, the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange, admitted that it mistakenly kept client assets and collateral assets in the same wallet.

According to the news published by Bloomberg on January 24, Binance collateral tokens were recently exchanged with Binance customer tokens. in the same wallet was detected. Binance issues and called B-Token of 41 tokens With client assets in “Binance-8” wallet held together appeared.

in total 18 billion your wallet, which has assets worth $ 539 million part of the dollar The reserves of 41 B-Tokens known to have formed. Other assets related to B-Tokens in the wallet in total $1.8 billion found to be worth it.

Collateral assets and client assets, called B-Tokens, are shared by a Binance spokesperson to Bloomberg. mistakenly It’s a tool used for client assets called Binance-8. in the cold wallet He said it was stored together. Spokesperson of the stock market informed and that this is the case on the B-Token proof of guarantee page. has been disclosed stated.

In addition, the statements made fix work continues and assets are in the transfer process they were stated.

Cryptocurrencies are outside the network to which they belong. inability to exit because of different networks on to be usable B-Tokens issued by Binance for substitution 1:1 to tokens used as pegged status.

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