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Technical problem: plane from India to the USA lands in Russia

A plane from India to the US has made an emergency landing in Russia. The affected airline Air India announced on Wednesday that there was a technical problem with an engine. They had now sent a second plane with groceries and other essentials to the stranded passengers. Later, this should fly the passengers from Russia to the actual destination San Francisco, which still needs “regulatory approvals”.

In view of the limited infrastructure around the airport in Magadan, Russia, the passengers had to stay in makeshift accommodation after the emergency landing on Tuesday, it said. Also, Air India would not have ground staff in Russia, so the Indian Consulate General in Vladivostok, the Indian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, local ground staff and also Russian authorities should have helped. The affected aircraft took off from the capital New Delhi on Tuesday and should have flown to San Francisco.

The US State Department said the situation was being closely monitored. There should therefore probably be US citizens on site, said a spokesman.

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