UK Move from Binance and Ripple

Binance and Ripple executives took action to obtain a license from the FCA, which regulates the UK’s financial markets.

According to the statements made by Daniel Trinder, Binance’s vice president of official operations in the Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA) market, Binance is currently working with regulators in the UK. in communication.

Binance and Ripple representatives met with the authorities at the session organized by the Treasury Committee in the United Kingdom yesterday and discussed the developments in the crypto money sector.

According to the statements made by Susan Friedman, who manages Ripple’s political work, the company continues its activities in the UK market, on the other hand. to apply for a license getting ready.

According to information shared by Ripple management with Committee members, the company has approximately 60 employees in the UK.

Friedman, in his statements on the subject, “At Ripple, we do not need to register in the UK to continue our current business model. But we want to strengthen our position here and we will try to obtain the necessary operating permits for this.” said.

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