Uğur Şahin: Mutations, Still in their Infancy

Özlem Türeci and Uğur Şahin, the two scientists behind BioNTech vaccines, stated in an interview with the Times that COVID-19 could reach different dimensions with mutations.

Although various measures have been taken with the entry of the COVID-19 virus into our lives, unfortunately, while the course of the virus is expected to decrease, new by mutating its existence continues. While the measures and studies to end the pandemic continue, scientists Özlem Türeci and Uğur Şahin told The Times that the mutations suffered by COVID-19 have not yet been detected. in its infancy He said that the situation could reach different dimensions.

According to the information provided by Sözcü newspaper, Türeci and Şahin spoke to The Times newspaper for the promotion of the book describing the vaccine development processes, stating that the virus will continue to undergo mutations.It will be a long war. right now only first generation of mutation We see. The vaccines currently used prevent the passage of the nose, mouth and lungs, which are the areas where the coronavirus will attack the body. But the virus can learn new things that will change the game. Mutations can find ways to transmit the disease by passing from other points.” he stated.

“Other mutations can bypass the protection created by the vaccine”

Noting that the data on the Mu variant were analyzed and they are continuing the studies, Şahin said that this variant of the vaccines the protection created He said he couldn’t pass it on, but other mutations could make it happen. Şahin stated that the idea of ​​the third dose was a good idea, “A third dose of the vaccine is a good idea when immunity is reduced to a level that poses a risk of infection. It is better to have fewer infections, because in this case the virus can mutate into a more dangerous mutation each time.‘ he said.

“Coronavirus will not go away”

Making a statement about the vaccine opponents, Şahin said that the vaccine study data are public and they have published the first clinical test data since the day they started.This is not just the fight against Covid-19. It’s also about information pollution. There is a lot of true and false information on the internet. If you are anti-vaccine, you can always find content to support your opinion.” he said. Falcon, you need to be careful because coronavirus won’t go away told.

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