Ubisoft and Riot Build Artificial Intelligence for Toxic Gamers

Ubisoft and Riot Games announced new artificial intelligence projects that will detect and ban toxic game. Data on users identified within the scope of the project will be shared with other game companies in the industry.

Especially after the slow internet, the thing that bothers the online players the most is your team or the opposing team. finding a toxic player. These types of players usually enjoy harassing and alienating everyone but themselves rather than playing or winning the game.

Ubisoft and Riot rolled up their sleeves and developed a new artificial intelligence to permanently stop these toxic players. The data obtained by this artificial intelligence is will be shared with all game companies.

They’re determined to end toxic acting

Ubisoft, the producer of games such as Rainbow Six Siege and Division 2, and Riot Games, the producer of League of Legend and Valorant, said in a joint statement today.Zero Harm in Commsannounced their project named ”(Zero Harm in Communication). Within the scope of this project, a special artificial intelligence system will be added to the online games of both brands. will detect toxic players by examining text chats.

Artificial intelligence, which will be trained using machine learning over the messages of the toxic players reported in the first place, will detect these toxic players before they are reported in the future and usernamesIP addresses and MAC addresses of your devices will collect data such as Then this information It will be shared with all companies in the game industry. and support will be provided so that companies can detect these toxic players as they start the game.

Ubisoft and Riot Games, thanks to this artificial intelligence, not to host toxic players in the game industry and everyone is understanding, targeting a gaming industry where profanity doesn’t fly. Representatives of the two companies also announced that they wanted to expand the buy experimental project by inviting other companies in the game industry to join this system.


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What do you think about this project of Ubisoft and Riot? can he really finish off toxic players?

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