Two New Bans Coming to Electric Scooters

According to the new information that has emerged, studies are being carried out to bring two new bans on scooters. The bans will be aimed at eliminating the two most important causes of scooter accidents.

Scooters, which are the pioneers of the micro-mobility transformation, have come to the fore with great controversy recently. In Istanbul Kadıköy and Ataşehir Municipalities started to collect scooters from the sidewalks, then an important project was signed between IMM and Martı.

Today, new news came for Turkey in general. According to information obtained by Hürriyet Ministry of Transport and Communications, prepared a draft study for the safe use of scooters. The said study will bring new measures to scooters under two headings.

Two people will be prohibited from riding a scooter:

The first of the measures to be taken within the scope of the study is the same scooter. prevent two people from getting on for it will be. This measure will be placed on scooters with sensors it’s going to be possible.

On roads with a speed limit above 50 km/h, the use of scooters will be interfered with via satellite:

The second measure aims to make it possible to use scooters only on safe and urban roads. On roads with a speed limit above 50 km/h for used scooters via satellite will automatically intervene.

For example, a scooter traveling on a road with a speed limit of 80 km/h will first be reduced to 10 km/h and then to 5 km/h, and finally will be stopped. These sensors are delivered to scooter companies. $150 it will cost.

Municipalities already have the authority to lower the speed limit

While the speed limit of 25 km/h is applied for scooters in Turkey, the authorities reached by Hürriyet, local governments authority to lower this limit shared that.

The new arrangement will be a world first:

The regulation prepared by the Ministry will be a first with sensor and satellite intervention measures, if it comes into force. The speed limit regulation introduced on scooters on April 14, 2021 is also It was a world first.


New Electric Scooter Regulation Published: Here are the Rules

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