Two game demos for Xbox accidentally leaked!

One of the most prestigious game awards in the world. The Game Awards, It is an event where new and surprise productions are announced, as well as awards are given to the big productions released that year. Xbox Game Store, accidentally leaked two game demos that will be presented at the awards ceremony.

The expected day for Xbox Cloud Gaming has arrived!

The missing aspect of the Xbox Cloud Gaming service, which has made its name known to the gaming world in a short time, is finally completed.

Xbox Game Store leaked its own games

The Game Awards, which has been held regularly since 2014 and where the most prestigious awards of the video game world are distributed, have been presented by game journalist Geoff Keighley for many years. until a while ago The Spike Video Game Awards The ceremony, which is known as the name, will be held in Los Angeles, USA this year after the break due to the pandemic.

Thursday night, December 9 At 04:00 Turkish time The event, which will be held, will be the scene of surprise game announcements this year as well. Although the game makers prefer to keep these surprises until the last day, there are various leaks almost every year. The leak coming this year is the one that will make the announcement. Microsoft Xbox it was from the side.

Makes periodic updates on the Xbox Store. Microsoft, sometimes it can list the productions that will come to the platform in the new period, early. Two demos that will be presented to users as part of the event on December 9; Nobody Saves The World and Mind Scanners It has already been announced that the games will be published.

Released this year by the makers of The Outer Zone Mind Scannersis a retro-futuristic simulation game. It is a question mark for now why the demo of the game, which is said to be coming to Game Pass on November 30, will be released. As a matter of fact, the game will already be offered for free on the date of the event. with this Nobody Saves The World if Drinkbox Studios An RPG developed by the company and expected to be released in early 2022…

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