Two Companies Offer Money To Anyone Who Watches Horror Movie

With the approach of Halloween, two US digital broadcasting platforms announced that they will each give 1300 dollars to people who will watch the horror movies of their choice.

This Halloween In season two, the two companies individually recruited one person who would dare to watch all 13 horror movies of their choice. 1,300 offers dollars.

One of these two companies DISH Networka confident fan The Shining, It and Miserya dozen, including Stephen King will subject the adaptation of the novel to watch. The satellite TV company sends the chosen one to a ‘ ‘ ‘ with blankets , popcorn , candy and special items related to Stephen King .survival kit‘, as well as a device that they can measure their heart rate during scary scenes. Fitbit will also provide.

Candidates must be over the age of 18 and American citizens:

Company, “If you watch 13 movies and report, we won’t pay you $1,300! Spend this money however you want. Just avoid a hotel in Colorado!” saying Stanley KubrickThe legendary work brought to the big screen byr The ShiningHe also referred to . The selected candidate can share their experiences on social media if they wish, and they are not asked for anything like a diploma or a drug test. The only features the company looks for in candidates are over 18 years old and American citizen them being.

Apart from this, another website FinanceBuzzannounced that it has hired a Horror Heart Rate Analyst to monitor a compilation of high- and low-budget movies. Paranormal Activity, A Quiet Place, Get Out and the 1999 classic The Blair Witch Project, some of the movies on the list.

Horror movies

Just like the first company, this company will also give its chosen audience a Fitbit that they can measure and record their heartbeat in moments of horror, such as the ‘jump scare’. The main purpose of the site is to gauge whether there is a connection between a horror movie’s budget and how terrified it terrifies its audience.

Too often horror movies are scary because of their story, not because of the production studio’s budget.“FinanceBuzz also underlined that some of the best horror and thriller classics are made with a good story and very low budgets compared to the very well-known series and superhero movies.

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