Twitter’s Copyright System Crashed: Uploading Movies to the Site

While the existing problems on Twitter have not been resolved yet, now the copyright system of the platform has collapsed. On platforms that do not impose any sanctions against copyright violations, users have started to upload and share movies completely.

After Elon Musk’s acquisition administratively and structurally Twitter is taking a very serious test, and things are apparently not going well. Many names of Musk expulsionThe platform began to grapple with many problems, as some of those who were not fired left their posts, and the criticisms received.

Finally, the platform copyright tracking/removal system it seems disabled. A user uploaded the entire Tha Fast and the Furious Tokyo Drift movie to the platform. He achieved this by dividing the film into 50 two-minute parts and making a single list.

The movie was not removed from the platform

Even after the movie is loaded quite interestingly progressed. Usually in such copyrighted content “This media cannot be played” is used. Although the tweet and account remain You cannot access the media. If this time from twitter an employee He removed the posts with his own hands and also blocked the account.

The problem doesn’t end there, it gets even more interesting. on mobile users can access the posts in the account that has been closed and watch the movie. Those who have favorited the posts can still access the posts even if the post has been removed.

This is basically copyright system is faulty is showing. Moreover, even if only one account has been closed, the reason for this is that the account because it’s viral to have drawn attention. Unobtrusive accounts or backup accounts seem to be able to continue sharing without any problems. Especially when little-known productions are shared, there are almost no sanctions.


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This situation little trolls The media giants platform, aside from the fact that it can be used for DMCA violations and potential legal sanctions. Especially giants like Disney can initiate very serious legal sanctions when such situations arise.

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