Twitter ‘Video Subtitle’ Feature Arrived [Nasıl Kullanılır?]

Twitter has brought captions for videos to Android and iOS versions. The feature, which is gradually offered to all users, enables the creation of subtitles in videos. So how will this feature be used?

The world’s most popular microblogging site twitterannounced a new feature. In the statement made from the official account of the platform, it is now available to all iOS and Android users. subtitle feature in videos that they could use. Twitter’s video caption feature has been available on the web for a while.

If you are a frequent user of videos on Twitter, some videos “CCYou may have seen a new button that says “. That’s exactly what Twitter’s video caption feature consists of. When you tap on the button, You can turn the subtitles on or off in the video.. Thus, while watching foreign language videos, you can understand the words you do not understand with subtitles.

The feature that has started to be distributed may not have come to you yet.

According to the explanations in the “Twitter Support” account on Twitter, this feature is no longer available. all iOS and Android userscan be experienced by However, in the checks we made at the Webtekno office, we see that the distribution of the feature is still continuing. So much so that some of us can use Twitter’s video caption feature, while some of us cannot. However, this will change in a short time. If there is no change during the day, use the Twitter application. to update manually work.

Now we will share a tweet with you where you can test the feature. If you use the desktop version of Twitter, you can use the subtitle feature. already viewing you will be. In mobile applications, you should have started to see the button we just shared.

Example sharing where you can test Twitter’s caption feature:

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