Twitter Transforms into Video Platform: Here are New Features

Founded on sharing short-form text, Twitter has announced new features that show it will return to a video platform. Videos will now stand out more than tweets…

Released in 2015, TikTok managed to change the identity of social media platforms even on its first day. The application, which debuted as a short-format video platform and introduced features such as endless video streaming, managed to turn social media platforms into a ‘video platform’.

So much so that these fights are relatively distant. twitter even today it came up with a surprising feature. Twitter, which was founded on sharing short-form articles, it will no longer just host videos in Tweets. Videos will be featured in the stream, like TikTok videos, more prominently than Tweets…

New video features coming to Twitter:

Twitter’s new feature was announced by the company in a blog post shared on Thursday. Stating that the videos shared within its own structure are watched billions of times in total every year, the platform said, “To monitor what’s going on and make it easier to findannounced the release of two new features.

The first of these features is developed for videos. new player it happened. In the renewed player, users will be able to see the tweet containing this video at the bottom of the screen, and the like and share buttons at the bottom, while viewing the video in full screen. Users will be able to start watching other videos when they swipe up while the video is in full screen.


The second feature was a novelty that came to the Discover page. Videos shared on Twitter are now depending on your area of ​​interest.

It has been announced that Twitter’s new media player will be released for Android and iOS users using Twitter in English in the coming days. The feature that will bring videos to the Discover page is available in some selected countries as of today.


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