Twitter Introduces Notes Feature That Will Make Floods History

Twitter has introduced Notes, a new feature that will replace floods and wage war on blog posts. Thanks to this feature, users will be able to effortlessly share article-length articles on Twitter.

Twitter, which makes its users happy by introducing a new feature every week, last week made it possible for businesses to add location to their profiles.Location Spotlight‘ feature had introduced. This week, the company introduced a feature that could radically change Twitter.

Notes This feature, introduced under the name (Notes), is an integral part of Twitter for many years. the complete disappearance of ‘floods’ can provide. Let’s take a closer look at the Notes feature together.

Article-length articles can be written

Notes, which look like the image you see above, allow users to create as long texts as they want. In addition to texts, tweets, photos, GIFs and videos are also you will be able to add. The feature, which is used to facilitate information sharing on Twitter, also makes these long articles you write easier to access. enables.

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