Twitter Fixes An Annoying Bug for iOS

Twitter’s disappearing tweets problem, which has been known for a while, is history for iOS users. The issue, which has been known since September, now only affects some Android users.

Some consumers who use Twitter have been quite annoying they were having a problem. This issue caused the browsing page to be refreshed automatically, a share that was being read would suddenly disappear. Moreover, the problem, which was annoying and upset the Twitter experience, did not distinguish between devices. iOS, Android and web version users, they were having the same problem.

In the statements made by Twitter, the problem of disappearing tweets of iOS users after the web version that they will not live announced. Faced with the reaction of Android users upon this announcement, the company said that they continue to work for the Android ecosystem and that the problem will be solved for all users in a very short time. will be history explained. However, no clear date has been given for the fix in the Android ecosystem.

Known since September

The disappearing tweets issue is not a new issue for users. such that since september There are numerous notifications and complaints. Some users said that they were unable to reach most of the tweets due to the problem. Luckily now those problems to be resolved has started.


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Twitter is looking forward to 2021 quite a lot. active spent. Users had the opportunity to meet a new feature without getting used to a feature. Also, a feature called “Fleets”, similar to Instagram’s stories, is not getting enough attention. removed. Fortunately, the company was able to manage the process where all these innovations came and even went…

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