Twitter confessed! Private Tweets leaked?

Social media platform Twitter, last year “Twitter Circle” launched the feature. An issue occurred with this feature, which provides an important privacy perimeter within the app. This issue was about others seeing a user’s private Tweets. Twitter, on the other hand, made a confession about this problem.

Twitter acknowledged the problem.

Owned by Elon Musk twitterIn the past years, it introduced a feature that provides users with a hidden space. This feature, called Twitter Circle, allows users to send private Tweets to people they choose. Also, your thoughts self-chosen can share with groups.

There has been a problem in the past months with this area where only the people you choose are included. Many people using this feature stated that the private Tweets they shared were also seen by outsiders. Thus, users people not chosen these tweets he saw And likes appeared.

Some account names are wasted on Twitter!

Some account names are wasted on Twitter!

With the last share of Elon Musk, Twitter announced that they will clean the inactive accounts on its platform.

This is a very important problem especially for users who make private shares by relying on Twitter’s privacy. After the events, Twitter made a statement about the problem a few days ago. For users who have problems about the situation in question, email reached through.

In the e-mail shared by the users, it turned out that the company accepted the problem. However, it became clear that many private Tweets were seen by others. Also, Twitter has security team He added that he understood. In addition, he stated that the problem was solved in a short time.

Twitter confessed!  Private Tweets leaked

Users who are not in the Twitter Circle cannot see private posts, as the company has resolved the issue. Twitter did not give any explanation as to why this problem arose. Instead, he stated that they are very determined to protect the privacy of their users and they will work for it.

So, what do you think about the Twitter privacy issue? Why do you think this problem occurred? Do not forget to share your views with us in the comments section!

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