Twitter Breakers Will Be Treated Softer

Twitter announced that users who violate the platform’s rules will now take ‘less serious’ actions.

Until Elon Musk’s takeover, Twitter had been applying very harsh sanctions against tweets that people made against Twitter rules. Tweets were being deleted, accounts were suspended or even completely blocked.

The new management, with their last statement, is against posts that are against the rules. ‘less serious’ They announced that they would take a stand. Well what does it mean?

What will Twitter do instead of suspending your account?

What they call “less serious” actions is actually something Twitter has been doing for a long time. For example, limiting the visibility of Tweets, sending a warning to the user, etc. With this change, Twitter instead of a direct ban action will start using these tools more often.

The company also plans to be more transparent with its enforcement actions, and some undisclosed ones to help with that next month. new features stated that it will be made available.


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Twitter; illegal activities, threats of harm or violence, large-scale spam and platform manipulation He also states that he will not bring back the accounts that have not been objected to or that have not been appealed recently.

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