Twitter Blue has been activated for Android users

Twitter, which experienced a decrease in advertising revenue, accelerated its work for alternative earnings. The Twitter Blue feature was also activated on Android devices to appeal to more people.

Android users will be able to purchase a Twitter Blue subscription

Twitter Blue, which first appeared in 2021, has become the focus of criticism due to the blue tick problem experienced in 2022. Working to solve the fraud crisis, the company had to make some arrangements for the Blue subscription.

The company, which recently announced an annual subscription option for Twitter Blue members, offers the annual price advantage only to web users. It is estimated that the Twitter Blue annual subscription feature will be activated for iOS and Android users in a few months.

Elon Musk was helpless!  Items in the Twitter office are on sale

Elon Musk was helpless! Items in the Twitter office are on sale

It turned out that after the decrease in the number of employees on Twitter recently, the goods in the headquarters began to be sold.

The features offered to Twitter Blue subscribers are as follows;

  • Editing a tweet
  • Customizable menu
  • Making comments on tweets above standard users
  • Uploading longer videos in 1080p resolution (60 minutes and 2GB limit.)
  • Reader mode
  • Checkmark (Gold for businesses, gray for government-sponsored institutions, and blue for famous people)
  • Experience new features before standard users

Twitter will continue to show ads to users who purchase a Blue subscription. Stating that they want all users to benefit from the new feature, the company underlined that half of the ads will be shown to Blue subscribers as standard users. Let’s say that the Twitter Blue service will be 11 dollars per month for Android.

Twitter Blue current price list

  • iOS (monthly): 11 dollars
  • Android (monthly): 11 dollars
  • Web (monthly): 8 dollars
  • Web (yearly): 84 dollars

It is worth noting that the Twitter Blue service is currently only available in Australia, Canada, Japan, New Zealand, the UK and the US market. It is not yet known when the new feature will be activated for users in our country.

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