Twitch Sues Users Who Bottled Chat

Although it seems impossible to prevent the trolls ‘fretting’ on live broadcast platforms, an important step has come from Twitch in this regard. The popular streaming platform has sued users who engage in hate speech by bottling chats.

Many of us are aware of the ‘trolls’ and hate speech users on live broadcast platforms. The US-based broadcasting platform Twitch has taken a new step to prevent such situations from happening. took the trolls to court.

The platform is talking about this in Northern California on Thursday, specifically Users named “Cruzzcontrol” and “CreatineOverdose” filed a lawsuit against Twitch accuses these users of using “racist, sexist and homophobic statements and content”.

‘Hate Raiders’ annoy broadcasters with racist, sexist expressions

Such users, called “Hate raider”, usually participate in Twitch broadcasts with an anonymous identity and broadcast bots in the chat sections. disturbing with sexist, racist or sexually explicit elements.

In Twitch’s court filings on the matter, “These users have avoided detection and blocking by Twitch by opening new, different Twitch accounts and constantly changing their ‘hate attack’ methods.” statements are included. “Cruzzcontrol” from the users targeted by these expressions in the Netherlands while the user named “CreatineOverdose” is alive in Austria/Vienna exists.

‘User CruzzControl controls 3,000 bot accounts’

twitch bot

The court files also include “’The user ‘CruzzControl’ is responsible for around 3,000 bot accounts. User; black and LGBTQIA+ broadcasters targets with homophobic, sexist and other offensive content” statements are included. In the files, there are statements about the other user, Creatine, that this user is also accused of similar situations and that he survived the permanent ban with constantly changing accounts.

Twitch’s lawsuit How effective it will be is not yet known.; because the mentioned users are not known personally. Nevertheless, this step taken by the platform to prevent trolls can be considered as an indication that users care about their safety.


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