Twitch professional “NoWay4u-Sir” says: You can earn money with 150 viewers *** BILDplus content *** – game news

Twitch pro unpacks

This number of viewers is enough to earn money

… they are less than you think!

Photo: ALDI Gaming, AFP

Around two million people tune in every month when he plays Twitch games: Frederik Hinteregger (29) is one of the largest German “League Of Legends” streamers, one of the top games on the platform, under the name “NoWay4u-Sir” . Almost half a million people follow his account on Twitch.

“If you reach a certain size, that’s the absolute jackpot,” says Hinteregger. In BILD he tells how he managed to make streaming his job, what he can afford it – and when you actually start making money on Twitch!