Twitch Founder’s NFT Platform Joins This Altcoin’s Ecosystem

The NFT platform called Fractal, founded by Justin Kan, one of the founders of Twitch, is stepping into the Polygon ecosystem.

Developed for gaming industry NFTs, Fractal is from Andressen Horowitz, Solana Labs, Animoca, Coinbase Ventures, and to name a few. 35 million dollars received a seed investment, On the Solana blockchain in December 2021 had come to life.

The platform has Web3 games, NFTs, various tournaments, as well as some tools that blockchain developers can use.

Fractal will also step into the Polygon ecosystem, offering Polygon-based tournaments, a launchpad, marketplace, SDK and ‘login with Fractal’ feature.

Polygon Labs, which is doing scaling work for Ethereum, also has Fractal. “strategic investment” of an unknown magnitude will make.

Thirty of the biggest games of the Polygon ecosystem will cooperate with Fractal in the tournaments organized by Fractal.

The Polygon ecosystem continues to grow with new projects and large companies included in the ecosystem. Polygon has recently worked with Nike, Reddit, and Starbucks.

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