TV Series That Locks Everyone Up With Its 1st Episode

There are some series that do not interest you much from the first episode, but there are some series that lock you on the screen from the first episode.

your serials pilot episode In other words, although the first episode has lost its importance with the increase in platforms today, it was at a very valuable point in the traditional TV series market. Because the agreement between the producers of the series and the channels depended on the pilot episode. If the executives like the pilot episode, they’ll be back for the first season. green light was burning.

The producers of the series did their best to make the pilot episode engaging, exciting, and full. That’s why pilot episodes of some series made a big splash and broke the rating record.

Series that follow once you watch:

It’s not like that, it’s very spoiled: Lost (2004 – 2010)

lost, turning point in the history of the series is one of the leading productions. It pioneered the series that came after it with its subject, editing and tone.

The 82-minute pilot episode of the series was split into two and aired one week apart as “Episode 1/2”. with the first part 18.6 million The series, which gathered the audience on the screen, refused to give easy answers and strengthened its place from the first episode with its mysterious tone and narrative. Because a plane crashes on a desert island and there is a polar bear on the island. The new chapter is eagerly awaited even for these two issues alone. In addition, how can we forget that radio announcement at the end of the first episode?

One of the rare series with a good ending: Breaking Bad (2008 – 2013)

In the pilot episode of most series; first the characters are introduced, then those characters are involved in an event, and the plot of the series begins with the explosion of a big event. But the Breaking Bad series does not use this method. showed the difference.

At the beginning of the series, the “medias res”, that is, “starting from the middle” technique in English literature was preferred. The series, which opened with a leather trousers gliding down from the sky, showed the characters of Walter and Jesse fleeing in great turmoil. This sequence was actually the finale of the pilot episode, but with this choice, in the first seconds, the series, viewer’s attention managed to pull it off. Because why were these two characters running away in the middle of the desert?

You feel those horrors to your bones: Chernobyl (2019)

A more up-to-date series, the Chernobyl mini-series, from the time of its release to 2019. made its mark. The production, which is at the top of the best TV series lists today, managed to attract attention thanks to its subject and ambiance.

The series is about the negligence and wrong decisions at the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant, which we are not strangers to as a country. the explosion takes the subject. Taking advantage of the absence of successful productions on the explosion, the series deserves to be included in the list of unforgettable pilot episodes with its quality workmanship.

It would not be wrong to say that Fight Club is more technological: Mr. Robot (2015 – 2019)

Crime, mystery and thriller Mr. Robot is a production that stands out directly in terms of its subject. Cyber ​​security He hacks Elliot, who is an engineer, outside of work. But this act he did is not a malicious act in essence. That’s what caught people in the first episode of the series.

In the first episode of the series, Elliot reveals the big crimes and criminal organizations committed by the institutions and the people in the position, in a way, hero was drawing the figure. However, realizing that there were bigger events and that the problems of today’s world were being addressed, the audience inevitably found itself in the events.

If your final wasn’t like that, you’re a 10/10 series: Game of Thrones (2011 – 2019)

Game of Thrones series, although the finale is not liked modern time It is one of the most successful series.

The pilot episode of the series, which met with the audience in 2011, was actually shot twice. According to what has been said the first version was a disaster. It’s not uncommon for the channels to give a second chance, but HBO gave the show another chance to remake the pilot episode and kick off one of the biggest adventures to date.

Brutal, dangerous and fascinating Westerosat; Which of us did not wait excitedly for the winter to come, accompanied by a lot of intrigue, love, revenge and war?

A dark and mysterious crime drama: True Detective (2014 – 2019)

The True Detective series starring Matthew McConaughey and Woody Harrelson, with the cast managed to attract attention.

In a dark and gloomy ambiance from the first episode; trying to solve a mysterious, brutal and disturbing murder the story of two detectives makes many people curious. It was a very good choice to try to solve this puzzle with two different time periods.

A legendary production that has established a throne in the hearts: Prison Break (2005 – 2017)

Prison Break, which tells the story of Michael Scofield, who goes to prison to save his brother, who he knows is innocent, from prison, is probably the one most of us know. one of the unforgettable series.

viewer thrown into the middle of things And it would not be wrong to say that behind the pilot episode success of Prison Break, which does not extend the time with unnecessary explanations, comes the final scene.

You may remember that the first episode was by Michael Scofield. their tattoos He ended up showing it to his brother. It is impossible not to wonder what a character who has tattooed the map of the prison and escape routes almost all over his body will do in the following episodes.

From the extended series like Kahramanmaraş ice cream: The Walking Dead (2010 – 2022)

The Walking Dead series, which met with the audience in 2010, was a jaw-dropping drama for that period. cinematic showed up with quality.

Issues such as the apocalypse and epidemic always have the potential to do business. take this potential with a quality production When you blend it, you come across a quality production like The Walking Dead.

The new world faced by our main character Rick Grimes, who wakes up in the hospital – as in the movie 28 Days Later – in the first episode, is also on the audience. slap effect was creating.


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