Turkish e-sports project GAU Token sale completed in 3 minutes!

GAU Token, the new token of Gamer Arena, which offers competitive environment to over 300 thousand players in 21 games, was sold out 3 minutes after it was offered for pre-sale. The GAU Token, offered by the crypto money exchange ICRYPEX, came together with the players and crypto money investors with a pre-sale price of 0.15 TL. GAU Token, which has met with great interest in its pre-sale, will be offered to the public as of November 26, 2021 at 00:00.

Turkish move to $176 billion gaming ecosystem

Gamer Arena, the meeting point of e-Sports competitions, is in front of crypto lovers with ICRYPEX. Here are the details..

50 million GAU Token sold out in minutes!

GAU Token was launched in cooperation with ICRYPEX, one of Turkey’s largest cryptocurrency exchanges, and Gamer Arena, one of the domestic startups of the gaming industry. The 50 million pre-sales of GAU Token, which attracted great interest with the pre-sale hour, were sold out in a short period of 3 minutes.

Compound (COMP)
(Photo: Dmitry Demidko)

The GAU Token, which can also be used in the Gamer Arena, will be used in competitive e-sports duels. Gamer Arena, which is a giant game platform with over 300 thousand members, where competitive game tournaments and individual matches can be held, will also be able to participate in special matches with GAU Token.

The cooperation, which stands out as a Turkish move to the game industry of 176 billion dollars, covers a long-term agreement of ten years. The GAU Token, which has been issued as 500 million in total, is produced with the Ethereum network and the ERC20 protocol.

What is Gamer Arena GAU Token?

Gamer Arena Utility Token is a brand new dimension of digital competition developed by Gamer Arena. A unique “utility token”, Gamer Arena Utility Token, briefly GAU Token, will be actively used by hundreds of thousands of users in the Gamer Arena digital gaming, e-sports and competition platform.

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