Turkish Businessperson Bought Abramovic’s Company for $1

Roman Abramovic’s UK-based telecom company Truphone was bought by Turkish-German businessman Hakan Koç for only $1. Satisfied with the deal, Koç believes that with a little investment, he will bring Truphone back to life.

From time to time, with the companies it buys and the developments in its sectoral life, it is the subject of our news. Russian billionaire Roman Abramovich, was subjected to serious sanctions due to the Russia-Ukraine war and lost a serious part of its existence. One of the lost assets truffle It was a UK-based global mobile network company. That company has now passed under the control of a Turkish businessman. As well as for 1 dollar

Turkish-German businessman Hakan Koç, owner of TP Global Operations, applied to the UK government last year and bought Truphone. with a $1 payment in addition to his debts He said he wanted to buy. Hakan Koç’s application was accepted and Truphone officially TP Global Operations entered its structure.

Truphone was valued at over $500 million in 2020

The company, which started to serve in 2006, mostly focuses on SIM card technologies and on eSIM work continues. It is stated that the Russian billionaire spent around 370 million dollars for this company, and the company value is over 500 million dollars as of 2020. Meanwhile; How much is Truphone’s debt to be paid by Hakan Koç while unknown It is also stated that Koç will invest $19 million according to the terms of the agreement.

Making statements on the subject, Hakan Koç used the following statements:It’s very comforting. Finally we will start working. It has been a very burdensome period for friends who work without knowing where the company will go. Our customers have also remained loyal to the company. Now we can easily tell them what’s going on. Truphone has never been a winning place. Company to make it sustainable You will have to invest some money. Taking the company out of the hands of those who have been sanctioned will add value to it.”

So who is Hakan Koç?

Hakan Koc

Hakan Koç, who lives in Germany, Auto 1 is a name that enters the business world from above with his second-hand car-focused company. Koç, who managed to expand the company he founded, is known as one of the richest people in Germany. Auto 1, on the other hand, serves as Europe’s largest used car platform. Hakan Koç’s wealth over 5 billion euros It is estimated to be…

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