Turkey’s Rank in World Misery Ranking Has Been Determined

Economist Steve Hanke, who works at John Hopkins University in the USA, ranked countries according to their degree of misery in the World Misery Index analysis. According to the analysis, Turkey ranks high among 156 countries.

Not a day goes by that we don’t get another bad economic news. Economist John H. Hopkins, a research assistant at John Hopkins University in the USA, analyzed the World Misery Index of 2020 and found that the world’s the most miserable listed their countries.

The World Misery Index is calculated by subtracting the annual gross national income from the sum of unemployment, inflation and interest rates in a country. Poverty is on the rise in countries high on the list, and economy is in bad shape means.

Turkey ranks 21st among 156 countries

Turkey’s position among 156 countries is dire. 21st place Turkey is the top country among European countries. Turkey’s inflation index at 41.2 points. The closest neighbors to Turkey are Iran with 92.1 points (which is our only neighbor worse than us), Iraq with 39.5, and Greece with 31.3.


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Guyana, which is at the bottom of the World Misery Index list, is a big surprise as it is in the last place compared to major economies such as Japan and Germany. The low misery index means that the economy in the countries we mentioned it’s fine states.

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