Turkey’s Most Trusted Famous Names Announced

The results of the “Celebrity Confidence Index” research, which provides an understanding of who the trusted celebrities are in Turkey, have been announced. According to the research, Turkey’s most trusted name was Haluk Levent, as in previous years.

Research companies MediaCat and Ipsos investigated how much we trust the celebrities we are used to seeing on screens every day. The research “Celebrity Confidence Index 2021The researchers, who published the report with “, revealed that the famous name that Turkey trusts the most is Haluk Levent. Haluk Leventhas been the most trusted celebrity in Turkey in the past 3 years.

Within the scope of the research carried out with the participation of 1,000 consumers in October, the participants 71.4 percent He said he trusted Haluk Levent. Of course, there was a reason for this confidence. The association named Ahbap, which was founded in 2017, has seriously affected the perspective of citizens towards Haluk Levent. The name following Haluk Levent within the scope of the research is known for illuminating the murders and finding the missing. Muge Anli‘was…

Here are the most trusted celebrities in Turkey

  • Haluk Levent (71.4%)
  • Muge Anli (62.9%)
  • Kenan imirzalıoğlu (47.3 percent)
  • Sener Sen (45.6 percent)
  • Beyazit Ozturk (44.9 percent)
  • Ezgi Mola (44.5 percent)
  • Binnur Kaya (40.5 percent)
  • Aras Bulut İynemli (40.2 percent)
  • Haluk Bilginer (40 percent)
  • Acun Ilicali (38.8 percent)
  • Kerem Alışık (36.6 percent)
  • Sevket Coruh (36 percent)
  • Tarkan (35.3 percent)
  • Nihat Hatipoglu (35.1 percent)
  • Gokhan Ozoguz (34.2 percent)
  • Kivanc Tatlitug (33.4 percent)
  • Esra Erol (32.7 percent)
  • Ugur Dundar (32.3 percent)
  • Gulse Birsel (31.8 percent)
  • Shahan Gokbakar (31.5 percent)

When we look at the famous names in the top 10 of the research, we see that the results have not changed much compared to the previous year. However Acun Ilicali, was ranked 7th in the survey conducted last year. Ilıcalı, who dropped 3 places this year, is now in the 10th place of the list. Esra erol was among the more trusted names this year. Erol moved up 22 places on the list. Kerem Alışık also increased its place in the list by 11 places.


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Another name we should mention in the research is Shah Gokbakar it happened. The reason for the increase in trust in Gökbakar, who is included in the list from the 20th place, is, as can be expected, the fact that we live in the summer season. it was his effort in forest fires

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