Turkey’s First and Only Coffee Membership Application Frink!

We have an application suggestion that will attract the attention of coffee lovers. Turkey’s first and only coffee membership application, Frink, provides service in more than 300 coffee shops in 39 provinces. Users who start a monthly or annual subscription at Frink can buy as much filter coffee as they want from any Frink point!

Coffee consumption is quite high in our country as well as in the world, and it continues to increase. Today, almost everyone, from students to adults, at least one glass is drinking coffee. The recent increase in coffee prices has started to make coffee lovers think brooding. Now we will talk about a new service that will offer you a smart solution. This service isfrink”.

frink, Turkey’s first and only coffee membership application was established as Users can start their monthly or annual subscriptions through the application; They can buy as much filter coffee as they want from the most popular coffee shops in Turkey such as Kahve Dünyası, Gönül Kahvesi or Coffy, and from more than 50 3rd generation coffee companies. Between two coffees after becoming a member of Frink provided that 1 hour has passed You can take your hot or cold filter coffee with or without milk, as much as you want.

Anyone who wishes can have an “Endless Coffee” experience with Frink!

Users who are members of Frink, in 39 cities of Turkey more than 300 It can order remotely at the frink point. Thus, there is no need to go to coffee shops and wait for minutes. Offering no restrictions other than the right to 1 coffee per hour, Frink offers this innovative experience “Endless Coffeequalifies as ”.

Your coffee costs will go down!

Frink has monthly or annual subscription options. When the monthly package is purchased, 329 TL payment is required. Daily cost of coffee for how many coffees you drink in a day with Frink for about 11 TL it corresponds. Considering the current market conditions and the average cost of a filter coffee is 32 TL, we can say that Frink is a suitable service.

How is frink used?

frink coffee

Become a member of Frink and get unlimited filter coffee pretty simple. The first thing you need to do is download the Frink mobile app from the App Store or Google Play Store. Then select the monthly or annual subscription package. identifying your credit card You must start your subscription. After completing this process, you can start to get your filter coffee with Frink.

Special offer from Frink for Webtekno readers!

The Frink team has also launched a special campaign for Webtekno readers. As part of this campaign,FRNKWEB80Our readers who use the code ” will have a discount of 80 TL when they start their first monthly membership. So for the first month, you will pay 249 TL instead of 329 TL. After logging into the application, this code in the left menu “Use Coupon CodeIt is enough to write in the ” section to take advantage of the discount.

If you want to meet Frink, the first and only coffee membership application here You can use the link. Frink mobile app from here you can download. Frink’s social media accounts from here you can reach.

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