Turkey’s Fastest Internet Service Providers [Güncel]

Speedtest announced the service providers with the highest average internet speed in Turkey as of the end of 2022. It is seen that Turkcell offers the fastest service in mobile internet and TurkNet in fixed internet.

One of the most popular internet speed testing platforms in the world. speedtestshared Turkey’s data as of the end of 2022. Shared data, average internet speed in Turkey and which internet service provider better internet performance has demonstrated what it offers.

When we look at the shared data, we can see that mobile internet speeds have increased in the past year. not much work has been done We see. However fixed internet On the other hand, we can say that the situation looks a little better. Let’s take a closer look at the details.

Highlights of Speedtest data:

We were able to increase mobile internet download speed by only 1 Mbps in 1 year

Turkey mobile internet speed average
Download 50.46Mbps
Loading 18.13Mbps
Lateness 28 ms

According to Speedtest data, mobile internet download speed in Turkey, as of December 2022 50.46Mbps it happened. This value shows that there has been little improvement since last year. In December 2021, the average mobile internet download speed was 49.31 Mbps. This situation makes Turkey dropped it to 71st on the global list.

Not only in download speed, but also in upload speed. no increase. The average upload speed of a user connected to the internet via mobile data in Turkey was 18.13 Mbps. Especially when it comes to latency, which is critical in games. 28 ms was recorded as.

Turkcell was the best mobile internet service provider

Turkey best mobile operator

Brands offering the fastest mobile internet in Turkey
Company Download Speed
Turkcell 52.78Mbps
Turkish telecom 28.94Mbps
Vodafone 16.28Mbps

When we look at the shared data on the basis of brands, we see that the best mobile internet provider Turkcell we see that. Because the median download speed among Turkcell users was 52.78 Mbps. This speed Above the Turkish average. Turkcell was followed by Türk Telekom with 28.94 Mbps download speed and Vodafone with 16.28 Mbps download speed.

If we look at the latency Turkish telecomWe see that it gives better results. The median ping value seen by Türk Telekom users 36 ms was recorded as. Turkcell users experienced a delay of 41 ms, while Vodafone users experienced a delay of 46 ms.

Fixed internet download speed average increased to 64.52 Mbps!

turkey fixed internet average speed

Turkey fixed internet speed average
Download 64.52Mbps
Loading 27.69Mbps
Lateness 19 ms

Speedtest data shows that the average of stable internet download speeds in Turkey 64.52Mbpsrevealed that the average upload speed increased to 27.69 Mbps. Broadband internet users saw an average latency of 19ms. These statistics place us on the global list, where we were ranked 94th in December 2021. Raised to 91st place.

TurkNet is the brand that offers the best speed among fixed internet service providers!

best fixed internet in turkey

Which brand offers the fastest home internet in Turkey?
Company Download Speed
TurkNet 55.82Mbps
Turksat Cable 37.27Mbps
Turkcell 37.16Mbps
Vodafone 24.84Mbps
Turkish telecom 24.25Mbps

Increasing its popularity every year, TurkNet became the service provider that offers the best speed and latency in 2022. TurkNet The median download speed seen by users was recorded as 55.82 Mbps. Türksat Kablo 37.27 Mbps, Turkcell 37.16 Mbps, Vodafone 24.84 Mbps, Türk Telekom, on the other hand, is 24.25 Mbps. was able to offer download speed.

TurkNet, in delay also had the best results. The delay that users saw was recorded as 13 ms. Türk Telekom and Türksat Kablo offered 20 ms delay, Turkcell 21 ms and Vodafone 34 ms delay. Ookla, owner of Speedtest, used TurkNet for offering the fastest internet. rewarded.

  • Note: Speedtest gives average results in overall download speeds. However, in the data presented on the basis of brands, median application is being done. In other words, all users receiving service are ranked from worst to best according to their speed. Then the median data is determined. Applying median according to Speedtest, in real use becomes more effective.

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