Turkey Prices for Discord Nitro Announced

Discord, the indispensable communication platform of players and communities, made an important update that will delight ‘Nitro’ subscribers in our country. ‘Local pricing’ has been implemented in Discord Nitro subscription prices.

Discord is one of the favorite communication platforms of players both in our country and around the world. ‘nitrousDiscord, which provides many advantages to its users with its monthly paid subscription service, ‘, came to the fore with the news that it will give 3 months free YouTube Premium to Nitro members.

However, Nitro’s monthly subscription fee was announced as $ 9.99 and due to the exchange rate difference in our country, approximately For a price of 85 TL It was a matter of discussion how much this service would be preferred with such a price. A recent news has put an end to all the discussions on this subject.

Local pricing on subscription fees:

Discord has announced its monthly paid subscription prices. An arrangement was made to please all Discord users in Turkey in the price application of $ 9.99. Discord Nitro subscription monthly price with this arrangement 26.99 TL declared as. If users want to purchase this package annually, they will have to pay a fee of 269.99 TL.

Nitro Classic membership, which is also a lower budget subscription option, is monthly. 13.49 TL, It is priced at 134.49 TL per year. Server Boosting subscription fees were determined as 41.99 TL per month and 419.99 TL per year.


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With the new pricing, it was shared that users who already have a subscription will be automatically charged at the new pricing in the next renewal period. With this move, Discord Nitro’s in Turkey It will attract the attention of many more users. It would not be wrong to say.

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